Bonfires off of 30A in Seagrove Beach. Are they permitted? YES!

Any other question about 30A, we would probably have an answer for ya, but this one…. we had to call around and look up! To our pleasant surprise we not only found the answer for you, but we also found a company that will come out to Seagrove Beach and Inlet Beach to set up the bonfire for you, for your family, friends and they will dispose of everything for you too!

First the important news,  The Permit! Now, as I understand it, if you wanted to handle all of this yourself then here is some additional information:  Where to obtain one? The person obtaining the permit must be present during the hours of the bonfire. The approved bonfire permit must be presented upon request of a Fire Official or Law Enforcement Officer. The South Walton Fire District reserves the right to check for permit compliance at any time.  PERMIT FEE: $50.00 Cash or Check. Please see the end of this page for Credit Card Payments. Bonfire permit applications are processed Monday through Friday, between 8a.m. and 4p.m. at: South Walton Fire District 911 N County Road 393 Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 850-267-1298

To get more information on the rules of bonfires, fees, and permits: Visit:

Now, for the fun part!!  What if you rather not have to deal with the county? Then here is where PAPA JACK of PAPA JACK BEACH BONFIRES comes in handy!  Just leave everything to him and he will obtain the permit, he’ll build the bonfire, hand ya skewers and more!  See below for a list of services that he provides and all that he does for you!!

Papa Jack will provide the following:

  1. All permits for a legal BonFire
  2. Will build BonFire, cover safety, & start fire
  3. Burn barrel (1/2 of steel drum)
  4. 1 cubic yard of wood (i.e. pile 3’X3’X3′)
  5. Utensils for eating (i.e. plastic ware, napkins, plates & cups)
  6. Utensils for maintaining fire (i.e. poker & tongs)
  7. Skewers for roasting wieners & melting marshmallows
  8. Total clean-up the following morning to pristine condition
  9. Trash barrel
  10. Table
  11. Mustard & Ketchup

Papa Jack’s clients will provide the following:

  1. All food
    Papa Jack suggests:
    1. Wieners & Buns
    2. Smores
      1. Marshmallows
      2. Graham Crackers
      3. Chocolate bars
  2. All drinks/liquids
  3. All flashlights
  4. All towels & blankets
  5. All ice & coolers
  6. Radio/CD player & C/D’S

 Call Papa Jack or visit him here:

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